An Email Marketing Doubt

Let’s say I have around 5-10 Email Clients in One IP with their saved cookies.

Now I want to send around 50-100 Emails a day with each of those email clients,or for an example sending around somewhere between 20-50 depending upon the limits of the respective email clients.

Would my IP be flagged in this case when I am sending emails in limits but using different email clients from the same IP?

Or will it be detected and then they would blacklist my IP?

No one can answer this??

As with many things, there is no clear answer.

to give 2 examples:

I use a VPS with Mailwizz. I am sending email from there using about 10 different gmail accounts to google. It works fine. But as a precaution I rented more VPS’es. The cost is relatively low compared with the costs of the time I am spending.

I used a VPS with the same setup as above for something else. Before sending emails I always check if te emails really exist. For this I use a tool. This tools connects with the provider (90% gmail), sets up a smtp connection to check what happens. If the response is like: This email doesn’t exist then I will remove it from my sending list. I want to avoid that my email accounts send too much email to non existing emails.

After about 30k checks google blocked the IP.
I was also not able to use it anymore for my Mailwiz setup.
But the email accounts continued to work fine on another VPS with a different IP.

So… 1 account or 1 kind of different actions can cause google to block your IP. But it will not automatically hurt the other accounts.

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I would be more worried about flagged/connected accounts than IP blacklists. IPs can be changed fast, replacing valuable accounts - in case they are - is a more difficult endeavor.

What I highly recommend is also getting those “terms” corrected, it seems like you are confusing a few things here. Email clients do not have limits, email providers do. Which provider are you trying to abuse?

Yes I mean Email providers only…

I don’t want to abuse them,as I said I have multiple email providers like gmail,outlook,protonmail and so on around 8-10 on one IP with cookies.

So every email provider has their sending limits and if I stay in the limits,will my IP be flagged?

Because from every email provider I will be sending around 20-50/day so that would be 200-500/IP/Day but from different email providers while staying in the limits for all of them,would this be safe according to you?

And I am thinking of buying rotating 4g proxies for this purpose but rotating proxies changes only subnets and not the whole IP so would the new IP’s generated through rotation will be considered as a new IP or they can identify that it’s the subnets only which are changing?

That depends on the proxy provider. I cannot speak for others, but our mobile proxies get a whole new IP, not just a change within the /24 subnet. If you see changes only within the /24 subnet, I would do some research if your provider is honest.

That depends on the provider. With protonmail you should have fewer issues because they do not read your email content afaik, but they might be more strict on those limits. Getting more accounts and staying way under the limit is probably your best bet. Once you hit limits, you are entering the “suspicious” zone already.

Since @dimitri seems to have experience with Gmail sending “limits”, I would listen to him or ask him more detailed questions.

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That’s what I want,even if I stay under limits for all email providers with the same 4g IP,would my IP be flagged incase I get spam reports through gmail and rest all email providers are working properly?

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