An insight into Zucks mind? πŸ˜‰


Have you guys seen this yet? Zuck launched a podcast where he talks about about Facebook too. Thought I would share it here, I will definitely check it out, could be very interesting :slight_smile:


Looks like the PR crisis team are still busy and enjoying their massive budget.


He too has been infected by the β€œGuru” syndrome.
Unfortunately a vaccine doesn’t exist.


The vaccine is removal from the board and getting pushed out of his own company.


Oh, I’d missed it, u’re right.
So he’s trying to reinvent himself right?


It feels like it, but he can’t lose so we’ll never truly know…


Ok, so now it’s pre-launch, has he already started the lead generation on Clickfunnels?


Building a brand before Facebook gets taken down I guess :joy:


Zuckberbeg has ascended, we will now relate to him as GuruBerg


Smart guy but I still think he’s a virgin


Guru Zuck Gets Free FB ads and takes over the market.


Of course his wife is AZN


Down deep he just wants to be Joe Rogan


Zucker later:
Coming Soon, Full course on How to make your own Social Media platform in less than a month and start making $4billions every month just for $997, Buy the course now and get access to my private facebook group + 24/7 full support.


Thanks for sharing this. I had no idea, but I will be checking it out!


Do you think it will be quality content? I doubt it :confused:


He will talk about how he is slowly killing automation :triumph:


A virgin in is brain or? he has a baby.