Android apps for growing

Hey folks,
So I’m growing from my phone two accounts, what apps you guys recommend are good for this type of work on Android :pleading_face: thanks in advance

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Captivate app

I thought that didn’t work anymore :exploding_head:

Wait that one is paid, can I use a cracked version?

I recommend no apps, if you want to use apps for growing your account then this is not the forum for you

I mean I understand should I just f/u by hand until I get jarvee?

In your case that would be best if you have time. That’s because you do not know if the other android apps are using api, browser emulation or using an embedded browser and if they are flagged by IG.
The official IG app is your best bet to stay safe till you can get jarvee, proxies, etc.

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Thank you guys for the info :pray::coffee:

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