Android Apps for unfollowing - pls recommend

I’m disconnecting my main IG accounts from massplanner so i may engage using my phone.

My new strategy is to use massplanner to grow my secondary accounts so i may use them to support the growth of my main accounts through shoutouts etc.

part of the reason for doing this is that one of my main accounts was banned recently. fortunately, i got it back after appealing for it.
now i wanna play safe

hence, i need to find an android phone i could use to help with unfollowing the unfollowers. seems like all such apps require your instagram login.
my question is, if these apps are installed on the same phone that you use instagram, do they also use the same IP. i assume they would since it’s on the same phone.
asking, just in case, the app routes to some unknown server elsewhere to perform the unfollowing actions.

have anyone tried Crowdfire app? pls give your feedback if you did.

also read about unfollowgram and instafollow app…

kindly advise, thanks in advance

If your account got banned, and came back, actually it’s great news. Your account will be immune & safe for the heavy activity.
Meaning, I have a >100k ID got banned, and came back, I tried for follow 800-1000 and unfollow 800-1000 and liking 500-600 (in 1 day) no one problem come to me :grinning:

i read about this before… that a unbanned account becomes more resistant to banning…

but here i read someone who has the same account banned twice…

so i’m hesistant about pushing it…

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indeed very debatable, but it’s based on my experience. :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, do you know what got you banned?

I’ve used Crowdfire and statusbrew for unfollowing in the past, but I don’t know if there’s a mobile version for both.

I believe it’s due to over aggressive amounts of actions

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