Android - Broken screen

Hi, I have broken screen on my Xperia Z2 and its not responding, phone is working but I can’t open anything !
Is there tool to connect phone with PC and control phone via PC?

Use teamviewer for this.

I can’t install TV on phone, screen is broken

You will need to make an OTG cable to connect a mouse to it.

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Or you have another option is to try to install it via web browser, go to the playstore on your pc and then install teamviewer selecting the device on your pc.

Yes but I wouldn’t be able to see IP and PW from that TV, I will try first option, thanks :smiley:

Check this

This isn’t what you requested but might help anyway - get an OTG cable and connect your USB mouse to your phone! Worked a charm for when I smashed my old phone and was waiting for a new one to arrive.

Install memu or blue stacks on your PC And download the IG app