Android Phones into 4G PROXIES

I have like 20 phones android. and i want to create from each phone a 4G proxy. each phone with sim card
I have an rasberry pi 3 b if this helps.

what i’m doing right now is i have an app one my phone names “allproxy” that creates a proxy from my phone and give me user,pass,server,port

my question is how can i manage all my phones from one place . and control the proxys on my own .

i want to change ip for my proxy from my computer and have controll over my proxy.A rotating proxy

i’m planning to use the 4g proxis for jarvee automation.

i found no information online about how can i do this. no good tutorial.

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Hi @David_Sebastian
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There was a lot of talk about proxies and Raspberry Pi here, so check this link to search results, you might find something useful:

there is an app on android phones for that, just search ‘proxy server’ it’s a green app

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There are many Apps on Android for this Purpose but you don’t know if they are using your Proxy to sell it or for their own Purposes.

Some of them are:
2.All Proxy
3.Proxy Server

Note - Use these with your own Due Diligence.


i didn’t even think about this…have 10 proxies setup this way and will for sure dig into the matter


All proxy is what I using right now. But speeds are slow.
I want to make a proxy with server ultimate.
I want to make a lot o proxy’s. I have a lot of phones
How can i create with server ultimate?
I can root my phone btw.
How can i have my own domain for the proxy’s?

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this is a good solution to those high end proxy sellers…this way u can be sure your the only on with this proxy