Annoyed with Jarvee, Anything easier?

Ok so I set up a site that sells Instagram automation services and I got my first client. Great. I am currently using jarvee to automate this client’s account but I’m having all these issues and problems getting it set up. Is there a web-based platform or something easier to use instead of Jarvee?

Doing it manually :slight_smile:

I want to manage a lot of clients, it would be hard to do manually.

Then your best bet would be to read everything you can find. A good place to start is to read mpsocial, and especially the action block mega thread.

Good luck and you have a lot of hours reading to do :slight_smile:

for web based, I recommend
It has less features than JV, but it’s more simple to use.

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Well mate you joined this business at hard times when instagram is fighting automation and any tool you use is same, you cant just setup accounts with a few clicks and leave it running for days without any problems.

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JV is great for the job. If you really want no problems then manual is the only way

Why would you setup a site to sell ig services, if you dont have a concrete plan on how you’ll fulfill these services?

Sounds like you’re about to play with people’s money. You should of honestly had all that worked out prior to taking on clients. That’s not a good look.

Jarvee works fine if you know how to use it, and are up to date with the times. Yes, a few months ago even a novice could easily setup 100 accounts, have them running with less then 10 minutes maintenance a day… but things have changed in the past few months, and it’s something you have to consistently stay on top of day by day… if not, you’re out the loop and don’t need to be offering ig services to people.