Anonymous scraping media IG


I am currently using a library for API calls on instagram, for a few days, following some updates from instagram, the calls are no longer successful.
The calls I made were anonymous, without any account, but only with a 4g proxy that rotated the IP every 10 minutes.

Going to investigate the problem, a few days ago instagram has blocked the view of the list of likes and comments for anonymous calls, making it impossible to scrapeing the interactions, unless you use an account.
Using an account, after a bit of scraping, it gets blocked for a limited time.

How can I solve this problem?

I must:

  • View the list of users who have liked a media
  • View the list of users who have posted comments to a media
  • view the presence of a profile on instagram

Thank you

API scrape blocks is something that all IG users that are trying to scrape some that are experiencing. In general, there is no known solution that will help you to scrape any amount of data that you want. What you can do is to have more scrapers, better proxies and bigger delays when scraping.

The only way is to do it slowly with delays when scraping. Don’t do too many API calls at once. Try using different accounts, rotating them. It’s a challenge for all of us.

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