Another BS block on Instagram. Anyone ever got this?

Getting seriously sick of Instagram. I’ve had my account since 2016. Been hit with a bunch of blocks and verifications this year, even though i use no automation tool.Been adding maybe 15 people a day, mostly through browser. I really don’t do anything crazy. Now i got hit with a 24 hour block that stops me from visiting profiles. I can still like, send DM’s, but i can’t visit profiles. Wtf is this shit now?

Btw, i don’t know if this may or may not be correlated, but i used to farm a lot of followers from a popular account. I would go through their followers list and just add 20 people or so. Now, i don’t do this anymore, but yesterday i did went there and followed one person from that list. I’ve noticed that one of my previous blocks also happened in the day a followed a few people from there. Is it possible that going back to that account and following someone triggers IG?

Probably not. Your account’s trust score just seems to be pretty low.

You maybe can try with another account ?

You’ll get more insights that way

I don’t use other accounts. I just think it’s pretty dumb. Why can’t they simply restrict accounts that spam malicious links and post illegal content? Fuck it, i do none of that. What’s this obsession with following people?

I don’t think they are obsessed about it ; it’s more likely “how” you do it. We are many here doing all actions the platform can offer, without getting much blocks / bans.

The fact that your account is affected is either its own trust score, either the way the actions are done.

Just my 2 cents !

I believe it might have something to do with reports from angry girls over time over political comments.

I doubt it has something to do with that. @denis1 has a point here.

It can’t be just how many people i follow. My account has years. I used to follow between 30 and 50 people a day. No more than that. Ande not even everyday. Always manually. All of the sudden my account is compromised forever? I’ve done all sorts of verifications, even the selfie one, twice. Motherfuckers.

All those verifications process aren’t a “normal state” ; an healthy account would not even get such verification requests. It probably means your trust score is low and you’re under their radar for some time (how long ? idk). I would get a backup account in your case, and stop “massive” activities, even if it’s only 20 or 30 in a row. Just use it normally, and maybe in a few months it’ll get back to normal

I’ve made peace with the fact that i will get banned. It’s unfair, but it will happen. Like i said, i believe this has to do with reports. If i have a more heated conversation with someone they tend to block, and i bet report too. They have nothing to report me about, but those things probably affect trust score anyway. I also don’t have the energy to create another account and make it grow. To me this account was grown “normally”. I did it manually. I see tons of regular people who spend their days spamming stupid stories and follow thousands and thousands of people and i don’t see them having any problem.

Then you should ignore those people for the sake of your account. Those users that spam thousands per day, their time will come. Just keep your account safe.