Another case of twitter phone verification problem

Hey guys,

I got this twitter account which been locked or stuck for 10 days, they asked me to make a call phone verification, but it’s impossible even if i do have the number because each time i click call i get “Sorry, the request failed. Please try again later.” i contact the support many times i get an automated answer asking me to change my password, i changed my password like 5 times and i’m still stuck and receive that same error message.

i also still didn’t receive any email from an actual human support, only automatic emails asking me to change my password which clearly is not helping.

How to fix this situation ? i’ll appreciate any help.

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Try to reply to their automated email and say that you got an error when you’re trying to confirm your number. Attach the screenshot proof of “sorry the request failed. Please try again later” and send them. Some people get their accounts back by replying to their automated email.


Yes always reply to the automated email and they usually just unlock it. Sometimes they say they have unlocked it and sometimes you don’t hear anything.

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I’m actually experiencing the same thing since this tuesday. I’ve emailed twitter for 3 times and i always replied to their automated emails too and their responses at first is to try to change the password. On march, my other twitter account got randomly suspended and i made an appeal and explaining the whole things and it tooks around 20 days for them to reply and unlocking my account. By the way, have you succeeded to verify your phone numbers by call?

Yeah i got it back but after 3 weeks or something and trying what @ATSocialMedia said, so after you fill the form and you get the automated e mail telling you they are looking into it, reply to that same e mail explaining your problem and add a screenshot and keep replying until you get a human support answer telling you they are checking your account or it’s back, this is what worked for me.

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I guess you did message them every single day through those 3 weeks

i tried the twitter form like 10 times without any result beside the automatic message they send me, but answering that automatic e mails 1-2 times is what got the job done faster and i got the account back.


At the moment, I’m facing the same problem. I lost two accounts… :disappointed_relieved: