Another crazy thing: Goats on Instagram

Hey guys.

Damn, look what a stupid thing I have found. :joy:

People are seriously bored… I don’t have words for this… :smiley:
Reminds me cat breading from South Park:


How to monetize this ? :joy:


lol :joy:
create meme videos from them, make them viral and you will get money on youtube :joy:


Yes, everybody now can monetized anything on social media especially youtube. Vacum cleaner sound for baby sleeping, instrument music for mommy sleeping, beach sound, water sound, etc.It’s real make money. :joy:


Haha, Alpacas are more fun. Start growing Alpaca accounts😂
This animals are so fcking expensive…

My friend lives on a farm. He once told me that 28 alpacas were stolen. I was very confused why someone is stealing an alpaca.
But they seem to cost about 10K/50K $ each…:sweat_smile:


My wife is in love with Llamas and Alapcas since one took to following us as we hiked and turned out to be a local inn keepers pet who had gotten loose. The Alpaca loved hugs, and kept us company for miles until we got to a town.


At least it’s not goatse people are obsessed with.

On a serious note, that’s kinda crazy… but I get it, fainting goats were trendy years ago. They’re all pretty cute, so it makes sense.

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t’s actually a bit the same thing we do with accounts :joy:

We grow our accounts (promote links) occasionally we sell shouts and if they are big enough we sell it $.

He used these animals to mow his lawn, sold the expensive wool at his time and occasionally his alpaca was hired to fck other alpacas for $ 500 / $ 1,000 a time. When they became big enough they were sold for huge amounts! 10/50K Sometimes even around $100,000 each.

Stupid comparison but yet, if I had the money + place I would definitely buy a lot

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Watched those videos of alpacas. Can’t take it, laughing so hard. :smiley: :smiley:
Why the hell they cost so much btw? :open_mouth: