Another Instagram notification icon?

Hey everyone how are you doing?

Yesterday, my girlfriend showed me a new icon that has appeared for the first time on her Instagram account.
Now, you might have seen it already but for me it was brand new.

The notification icon is for home feed,
Meaning, whenever there is a new post (from someone you follow), you will receive this notification that there are new posts on your homefeed.
Here is the screenshot:


That looks nice. I like that new UI added

Hopefully it will help to increase the reach, but it’s just wishful thinking

I guess that is good, but again because the feed isn’t chronological IG is still only choosing what content is ‘new’ on your feed and what isn’t so although you may follow someone, this doesn’t mean all their new content will show up on your feed, and therefore the new icon wouldn’t show, if that makes sense?

Nice move from instagram, this will help to reach more audience. ithink its like youtube notification bill