Any 1 doing client management?

I was wondering to hear if any one of you doing client management, what actions do you do?
Do you find sources your self or the client provides you sources?
What about DMS? you get spintax from client if the text isnt in EN?
What do you promise to client as results? how do you avoid action blocks and bans?
How much do you charge per client?
What should a client expect from you?

Any other information the the client should know?

Yes i managing clients
I find my sources and filter them.later
Somwtimes my clients prefer to give their own sources
To be honest i dont promise anything but im giving them results in the end of the month
I avoid blocks by using my own proxies and right settings with good nightmode and intervel times
I charge between 200-350
A client expect results , and to see you have knowlegde and Profession
And telling my clients all the risks on using automation

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Charging around 200 / Month.
You want to give your clients results.
Try to charge less and get people that you know to work with you.
Once you got testemonials you will find business via. word of mouth

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