Any 19/20 Years Old IG growth expert here looking to connect?

Adding you to the group as well

You can count me in, I’m 22 if it matters

Doesn’t matter will hit you up bro

Had to make it 25 below lol

Did not expect this much response or that people will be willing to connect with others

Would like to be added as well!

well, guess I make the cut-off then lol

Ok bro…

Lol alright then

talk to me !!

23 here, running 16 clients on automation !

awesome bro will hit you up

count me in! I’m 24 tho

All Good bro…

Add me in :joy::joy: Daniel

Am just gonna guess you got the name from my profile :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Big warning here.

Huh? How bro??..

Hey ! I’d love to connect with you guys ! I am 24 hope is not too old ahaha !

No p man will add up