Any 19/20 Years Old IG growth expert here looking to connect?

Any 19 or 20 years Old Instagram Growth Expert or marketer in here looking to connect? I would love to connect with other like minded Individuals of same age group and share ideas

Hey, I am that🖐

I wouldn’t describe me as an expert but I’d love to connect! :v:

Hey Bro
19 year old here. Just shoot me a DM.

Will hit you all up guys.

No p man we all good

21 i think it count

I’m too old for this shit :slight_smile: but I do know my thing. Any questions, hit me up in DM

Start a group me

Does 23 count? LOL

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Hahah sure i will be 21 by november

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We could fit you in :rofl::rofl:

Alright bro thanks alot

Ok bro will ask the others

Add me if you do

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Where are you based? Would love to connect

For me Nigeria bro

Decided to make the group

Would love to join! I am 21 years old :slight_smile:

Dope bro will add you to the group