Any app (android or ios) to manage many Instagram accounts?

Hi there, I worked with InstaSave (2016 version). This app let me manage until 100 Instagram accounts. I didn’t know how it worked; but I didn’t have any problem with ban accounts, etc. But I think my phone updated Android version and app don’t work so anyone know any app (Android or Ios) to manage many Instagram accounts? Thks

Nope, just use Jarvee

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Make your own script/hire a coder and then host it locally or with some hosting companies,this is the best thing you can ever do to keep your accounts safe and secure.

What actions you require from this kind of app? Did you also have proxies connected there?

Have you consider using some software on your computer that can give you many more possibilities?

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Actions: likes/follows mainly.
I could add proxies; but in InstaSave I didn’t have and I added many profiles and I could work without any problem for years.
I can consider work with soft on computer; but one app is better because I can work from the beach for example. Thanks

Jarvee is the best; but I want any simple tool let me add many profiles to make like/follow to my customers.

you can use Jarvee to manage 250 accounts from one computer /VPS and you can check on that VPS from your phone.

you just need to have good proxies and warm-up the accounts correctly and it should work fine.

I don’t think you will be able to find a simpler/cheaper tool than Jarvee. Once it’s set up, it can’t be easier/simpler than anything else out there. Learning curve can put some people off tho.