Any Dance Music/EDM lovers?

Anybody into this style of music? and what sub genre do you like the most?

I love artists such as Malaa, Tchami, Ibranovski, Wax Motif, Martin Ikin etc.

I love Bass House, Tech House and anything in between!

what about you?


Bass House, Yes me too ! :wink:

House music is great just to focus when working as background music IMO. The lack of lyrics makes it easy to fall into this trance state and just focus on your work.

I always just pop in one of those youtube mixes:

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Who is your favorite artist man?

Nice bit of chill tech/deep house in that mix. Rate it.

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Grew up in the 80’s, went to my first rave in 1993.
Love a lot of the older decent stuff. Got a lot of 12 inches from 92-98. Jungle Techno, Drum & Bass, Hardcore, and a bit of early Techno.
Anyone else remember what happened in the 1990’s? I don’t have a clue. :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

Given how old I am now, In my retirement like to sit by the fire, with my slippers on, a mug of Olvatine and Chemical Brothers or Orbital at ear bleed volume.

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I absolutely love Techo, Deep House, Tech House, and anything funk. Been DJing as a hobby now for 6 months.

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Haha, might see the Chemical Brothers this weekend! Im off to Creamfields.

Same here man, I make tech house and bass house. PM me if you want to hear my stuff! :sunglasses:

Without divulging too much on a public forum. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them twice in the last year (give or take a month). Really nice guys.

I’m a Hardstyle/Hardcore guy :sunglasses:

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Not my cup of tea but I have a few friends who love it :grinning:


I work at night…

I’m sure you’ve seen my work since I’ve worked with well known international artists of the scene…

Whats your socials? PM me I might recognise you :sunglasses:

Seven Lions as of late…

@roy This is Hardcore. Any of you kiddos born too late for the early 1990’s rave scene might want to check this out. Give the first few minutes a little listen :wink:

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working solely w/ adderal and

hardcore/psytrance/hardstyle with favorites artist such as Carnage, Gravedgr, Lil Texas
and also to chill Flume

Not a huge fan of that kinda stuff! Carnage is decent though.

I don’t really have a preference
I listen to Techno, nightcore, EDM, Grime , Bass house

P S Y T R A N C E :sunglasses: