Any doing Manual F/UF for clients without getting blocked?

Hi, I have been trying to do this and it worked for a while but just recently got blocked again.

Is there anyone out there that has been doing this for a while without getting blocked?

and if so what is your follow unfollow strategy? how many follow/unfollow per day? how many sessions per day? how many unfollow/follow per session? how many days per week?

Thanks in advance

Two sessions. Every session 60-80 follows.

Two seperate sessions. Every session 70-90 unfollows.

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I do about 90/follows 90/likes and can do about 120 unfollows. I do that 3x’s a day manually. If i like too many photos, I get a “soft block”, but that goes away in an hour.

These soft blocks are device specific. Meaning if you use the same account from another device, you can start using it fine. They are local and not through the server. I know because we have developed a bot ourselves which does this on an android device

used to do F/UF using phone (with macro automation) yet recently getting blocked after 20ish follow

macro is detectable.
I stated to do manually - do 150 follow once in 2 days, I try to make it cheap.
Unfollow I will do with automation on the phone (own developed).
Future plan - Android bot (we are working on it).

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thanks!I will try it