Any easy way to setup shipping for Shopify + Aliexpress?

Just seems really complicated to me. Should I just try to make the store USA only? Or what do you guys do/suggest.

Like my first items I’m trying to choose a price to sell them, but it seems like the price of shipping varies incredibly from country to country.

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I have no idea tbh, but I maybe know a guy who does :slight_smile: @DaveNL can you help with this?

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Why not have free shipping and save yourself a lot of pain in the behind?

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That is a good idea :stuck_out_tongue: I guess what I’n worried about is pricing my products, but then later I get some order from another country I’ve never heard of and then has some insane shipping price.

Although maybe I just need to make sure my margins are bigger so I don’t get screwed over.

Or… Maybe I’m making a bigger deal out of nothing and I need to try testing a bunch of addresses. So far I just compared US and Canada (where I’m from),and there seemed to be a difference in delivery and price.

Ok maybe I’m figuring out where I’m going wrong here. I remember reading this on your thread, and just found it again:

Most of the sellers use ePacket that is 10 to 20 days, cost round $1 to $3-, make it clear in your product description, this is what i have at the end of all my product descriptions

Shipping: 9-18 Days USA/13-25 Days International
Please allow 2/3 days for order processing

Maybe I just need to find the right products then. I kind of figured I would be good just finding any that showed “ePacket” and “Free” for shipping.

One of the products I wanted to sell (only $5 on ali) shows 12-20 days with free shipping for the United States. But then I try Canada (where I live) and it shows 39-59 days :disappointed: A big jump compared to the 13-25 days for international.

So then it’s like… maybe I could just pay a little extra for shipping and get a better timeframe, but the shipping then jumps from the $0 free shipping to like $16-$20.

Makes me think maybe I need to do a more indepth search finding products to sell. 39-59 days seems almost unsellable to me… unless maybe I post options for them to choose free, or the $16-$20 expedited route and have them pay for it.

That is the same problem with europe, so you have to or deal with the long long waits or only target US, or find another supplier

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-I would do usa and price the products as if i send them to the most expensive shipping to eu and us countrie.
-So 2 shipping zones , 1 us , 1 eu , in each zone the pricing of the products will be + Maximum shipping of each zone so you are covered.
-I would not ship to russia bg ect because more chargebacks come from there.
-Use and australia shipping zone

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its better to tie up with a local seller who sells unique products. i tried selling items of aliexpress in FB it didnt workout due to long shipping duration. then i contacted one local seller and helped him to setup his FB shopify account. now he is very happy Shopify offers COD in india he offers COD as wells as prepayment. he is posting to 1000 indian FB groups to sell his products and best part is 700 groups out of 1000 are online shopping groups.


hi dear ,can u explain in detail this statement
then i contacted one local seller and helped him to setup his FB shopify account. now he is very happy

Have you tried to redirect your traffic based on their geolocation and then show them products that have epacket?

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