Any experience in app developping?

Could you, please, suggest a good step-by-step guide on it or a cheap developer?


It’s a bit difficult since you are not specific about your app. Would it be for mobile? Android/iOS? Just a web app, maybe desktop app? If you want to make a mobile app for both Android/iOS, take a look at React Native. If just a web app, look at React/Redux.

If you don’t have any experience I would suggest to find a good developer, cheap work will only get you so far. For developers you could check sites like Upwork.

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I hear a Google is a great resource for this kinda stuff :roll_eyes:


Go to udemy. Wait till they have those $10 offers and look for a good rated course. I took some for C# and did not regret.

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A cheap developer is expensive in the long run. How hungry are you to learn? You tube has free meals on development you can do. All tools needed to learn and develop are free. C/C++, C#, java and every other language is free.


It’s not hard to learn. Hell there’s dozens of IDE’s with drag and drop development for iPhone apps.

Not trying to revive an old thread but I figured this is better than opening a new one.

I have the same question, just specific to developing an iOS app.

Creating a design in Figma is already done, how do I go about turning it into a full app?

Swift and XCode? IS there another way?

Research flutter from Google. One code base many platforms.


Yes, Udemy is underrated… I learned the basics of Python in no time! I recommend :slight_smile:

Does anybody have any recommendations for an IOS app developer? I always like to go through affiliations, keep money in house and benefit a community I’m apart of before I reach out to anyone random.