Any free repost bot like jarvee?

Hi guys, I mostly use jarvee for his repost tool.
It’ really great with the filters and works good.
Do you know any free alternative? I’m not really up to paying the whole software for using just a tool.

Instadub Pro search for it

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thank you, I’ll have a look

Top 11 best instagram reposting apps Android

1.Repost for Instagram android / ios
2.Respost for instagram regran android / ios
3.Save and repost for Instagram
4.Repost via instant
5.repost photo/video instagram
8.Repost and save for instagram

I’m not talking about that reposting.

GMT2 (Automatically search for posts based on certain search criteria and repost them. Modify their caption or keep the original and mention the author.)

sounds good, but I’m looking for a free tool or one time payment