Any get EB Crashed Error?

Hi Everyone, sorry another topic… I couldnt find any info via search.

So I use dcd and 4g proxies and recently lots of action blocks with api, which sucks. Once switching to working only in EB it works smooth and everything is good. Problem is, after a few days of smooth sailing. BAM - woke up all 0 actions done and its midday. Got EB crashed error. Check EB and EB does not open at all.

Anyone see this before?>waiting for reply from support

I switched all accounts back to API and it runs for 5-10 actions and action block again…
It seems I get into the cycle of API>ActionBlocks>EB (runs smooth get to 200 actions/day)>EB error> back to API and the cycle continues again.

Anyone else also seeing this?

I got some browser experience errors today, not sure if related.

Yeah, sometimes I get that too. But it hasn’t impacted my daily actions being completed…