Any good Affiliate network for Instagram?

I see that people talk a lot about cpa traffic on Instagram but not a lot on (affiliate marketing) i know they are the same but the most people i see use affiliation with Facebook ads,seo,Pinterest… What are the best affiliate network that have high payout that are very well adapted for Instagram ? Apart of Amazon as they have low payout
My goal is that i want to grow a very targeted account and then start promoting the affiliate link with a cloaker or a pre-lander

Also just a little observation i saw many threads on different forum do some journey and methods on cpa but nothing about affiliation on Instagram is there a reason ?

affiliation and cpa are the same thing

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Golden : adult niche

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Yes 100% agree just some little difference like on cpa you can do incentive offers while in affiliation there isn’t

Like dating ? I saw some pretty good affiliate network doing this but they mainly focus on seo i want to know some of the well adapted for Instagram especially if it’s some selling stuff and that have some good payout

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Adult is really overcrowded stuff but i think it’s really golden still, indeed

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Get your own girls to do adult and promote them and collect 15%.

CPA is pure affiliation stop it

Ok and do you know any good affiliate network well optimized for Insta ?

depends on what niche
why work with network? know you niche audience and offers? go direct

What do you mean by direct?

The best way to see success in this is to know the products/services that the audience in your niche would need/use. When you have them, you could directly sign up for their individual affiliate programs and stir a portion of your blogs/videos or whatever in those products/service direction

MedCash for the adult niche was really good months ago - most babe pages were promoting their offers with great success. Haven’t used it for a while though, so I’m not sure what their offers/performance is like now.