Any good alternatives to teamviewer?

I have been using teamviewer free for years - now they are trying to charge me (I can only connect for free for 5 mins).

What are the alternatives to connect to my PC from my macbook?

Many thanks in advance

RealVNC isn’t a bad option. It’s free of charge and is pretty easy to set up.

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Remote Desktop is native and built in, if you’re using Windows.

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I agree with the Remote Desktop recommendation. It is what I use 100% of the time to connect to my PC from a mac

Anydesk is good alternative

I also use Remote Desktop to connect from my Mac to Windows VPS

Windows Remote Desktop for MAC is very clean to the point, I would recommend it if you’re on a MAC trying to connect to windows based clients, Direct download from iTunes.

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The downside to this application (for me anyway) was that it doesn’t work if you run a VPN client.

On my PC, I have one account for MP and one account for torrents. I run the VPN on the torrent account and it stops remote desktop working.

If you run a VPN for MP, the same thing will happen.

You get around this with TeamViewer and RealVNC. That’s just my experience anyway…

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I use google remote desktop, since it allows me to connect from my mobile as well. It’s kind of basic tho.