Any good concept for an instagram account? (Helps beginners too)

I’m new to this platform, and I’m currently searching for a concept for my instagram account. I humbly ask for any opinions of the said matter. Any good concept for an instagram account? Or if you have a good concept idea for an account I would greatly appreciate it.

I’m not really even sure what you’re asking tbh.

Haha, this is gonna be interesting! :smiley:
@tomsampan - your question can be a good concept for being vague.

Do you mean niche by concept? Or the content that you create? Or a concept like a theme on your posts?

WTF concept like a charm at these times : :sunglasses:

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If what you meant was themes then you can check this out

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Yes, thats the word im looking for niche. I just started studying this platform and know only a few terms.

Usually for niches you have fitness, cars, fashion, etc.
A quick Google search for Instagram niches will give you lots of results.
But even when you have a niche, you can narrow it down further to find another niche.

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I’m planning to make an account that allows alot of niches. What do you think?
by a lot of niches i mean doing various stuff and posting it on instagram.

Usually you’d want to limit one niche per account.

However, you can create multiple accounts which you can associate to multiple niches.

Being one niche makes it easier for Instagram to show your content to people interested in that niche. If you have no niche it’s confusing instagram and people.

With multiple accounts. Wouldn’t it be hassle to manually post, and gaining followers will be so hard? Or is there a way to gain followers easy?

It depends if you want to manually do everything or automate.

Concerning gaining followers, there are a lot of topics on MPSocial about that.
Please don’t hesitate to use the search function.
There’s a lot you can learn from this forum.

Thank you for your advises. I’ll continue to learn and grow