Any Good Unfollow Methods?

Hey guys, any good unfollowing methods?
I have manually followed 3000 Scraped accounts and retrieved 1000 followers in return.

what’s a great way to mass unfollow the 2000 who haven’t returned the interaction?

or would it be better to keep trying to convert the rest of the 2000 people by re-engaging with the accounts who didn’t follow me back?

if better to re-engage, what would be a good tactic for closing in the follow/unfollow ratio?

I´m actually using the scrapper “Helper Tools 2 for Instagram” chrome extension to unfollow the non follorews.
Basically it loads all the followers and the accounts you follow and you can set it to unfollow every one who is not following you back.
It unfollows one every 60 sec, is not fast but so far I had no warnings from IG.

Also florin22xxl recomended in another thread this scrapper bot
But I didn’t tested it yet.


It works over the real IG website? Or in the background?

It works in a separate chrome tab, but I think it never ask for your IG credentials