Any HOPE left for my Account❓(100K+)

Hey everyone!

Long story short:
I got ripped off selling a Account that i want to recover now somehow.
The OG E-Mail is the same but the password has been changed so i thought its a closed case.
Recently ive came around a facebook page where someone commented one someones post mentioning that you can actually recover a hacked/stolen Page IF the Page is still linked to a Facebook profile that you are a admin off which (luckily) is true for me.
I can post/edit posts and even see insights via Facebook Creator Account but nothing else really.

How would you go forward being in my Situation?
Buyer ofc ghosting me.

Run an ad on Facebook, contact them via the chat support here:Facebook Business Help Center: Help, Support and Troubleshooting | Facebook Business Help Center

and explain your case, it should work

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