Any idea how i can limit these API per hour/day?

If you have the best method, why do you want to change
better keep it up

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won’t hurt optimizing api, better than adding scrapers :slight_smile:
i don’t work with clients,i have my own business where i scale accounts which means i need more scrapers thats why i wonder if there is a way to optimize/limit api so scrapers wont go insane.
Also that picture u quoted , all Scrapers there are still workingg fine! except 1 - 3 PV’s once in a while

API its not the only way to screpe by Jarvee check better the settings :wink:

Its one of the basic settings in the profile advanced tab. Just add the amount of api calls and then a huge delay. This is what most of us do.

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is using api may got my account disabled soon ?

Don’t understand your question sorry

oh guess im still old fashioned haha, my accs are pretty solid against API tho but i would love to know how to scrape using EB please :slight_smile: thank you

yes i tried that but its capped to 10k millisecond which is not the delay i wanted… but yeah i’ll try to tweak a bit more and see! thank you

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dont use API on main accounts, thats my 2cent advice

thank you bro

Theres a box that says scrape with EB where possible. Check that and then login the scrapers to eb.


can you tell me where is it? i couldnt find it at all.
is it on the scraper acc setting or in general setting?

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Yes, that is perfect, very good configuration, thanks friend!

Its in the advanced settings on the account near the bottom near api emulation etc

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oh yeah! thank you :slight_smile:

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