Any idea why messages on Instagram web keep dissapearing?

Hi guys! I have a problem. I use my instagram account on firefox+portable with a proxy and I chat with my clients through DM’s . The problem is that some of the messages from our conversation keep dissapearing , and that’s only for firefox+portable. If i check my conversation on a phone - all the messages are there, it’s just the problem with the Instagram with web. I also tried a different proxy but that didn’t help. Any idea why i’m having this problem?

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Have you tried a different browser? Like gologin

Have you checked if “vanishing mode”‘is on?

Well, i’m using chrome+portable with a foxyproxy plugin, i m not sure if other browsers would be that good as chrome is.

Hey, how to check this?

even I am noticing the same thing. Some msgs from the middle or any random msgs are just not shown but on the phone app, they are there. Seems like some IG web version bug

Yes, i even tried to use different ip, different proxies and same problem - messages on IG web keep disappearing no matter what. Any idea how to fix that?

And they are shown inside the Phone app?

It could be that your messages are being treated as spam by IG. Are you using links on the DM text and are you incorporating spin syntax?

if you just refresh the web ig page then the msgs will come back again so they are basically there only just a bug which is making them disappear in some instances.