Any ideas how to convert leads for instagram growth service?

Hello guys! I get many answers “im interested” from cold emailing, however im not able to get many serious buyers, even for free trial with these. Maybe somoene knows how to convert good ? Maybe some of you guys are messaging people by DM on instagram or doing cold emails as well? I even include some examples of my clients in a second message, but even providing some examples of my clients dont give very good results… So i would really need help from someone!

I don’t get clients this way, but would be happy to hear if someone has some best practice solutions :slight_smile: Maybe it would help if you would to some sort of short “review” of those clients that reply and that are interested and give them some kind of custom proposal. Tell them that you invested some time to check on their profile, tell them what you think it could be changed, what can be improved, added, etc. Then ask them what would they like to achieve exactly and if they have in mind some things they would like to improve. When you have your ideas and their desires then give them some final solution or offer that will suit their specific needs. Or try to tell them that what you offer is exactly what they need :smiley:

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Did you not include your clients accounts’ statistics when you sent some examples?

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Get on a call with them
Ask questions about their situation
Try to solve their problems and needs with your services

This “prescription” styled approach helped me convert better compared to just messaging when I used to offer growth services


Yes I didnt , just send their profiles, but didnt include any statistic…

Thanks a lot!

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Yeah, offering a phone call is probably the best way to show your professionalism and it will show them that you are offering something real and that you are ready to listen to their needs :slight_smile:


You aren’t getting free trials even? Chances are you’re not targeting the right people/your message isn’t resonating with them. Are you just blasting out 1000’s of emails to scraped addresses, or did you do legitimate, intensive prospecting before hand?

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This right here. Might need to rethink your ideal clients or target market

well im messaging big niche on ig, i didnt do anything special before hand

Ok… send me your leads so I can steal all your potential customers. Seriously, laziness equals failure. You can’t just blast out 1000 emails and expect to convert at a high rate- you’re literally burning bridges with potential customers by spamming low-quality emails. What do you think people will do when they notice you sending spam emails? You name will be burnt into their brain, and the first thought that comes to their mind when they see your name won’t be a positive one.

You really need to study the basics of cold emailing my guy, and I mean that honestly.

@Smylie Seems like you have lot of experience with mailing.
Maybe you could share some solid advice with examples / case studies, that might be helpful. :wink:


Share here some sources Master! :innocent:


yep, anything that could help, we will be grateful :blush: