Any ideas what would be the best platform to provide support for my SMM clients?

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Recently I got my instagram account banned where i had all my clients so i lost lots of clients. This even made me to think about other alternatives of providing support to my clients, not directly through Instagram.

I’m wondering if whatsapp,viber, telegram would be the best place to provide support? What do you think guys? Because theoretically , i can’t lose my whatapp or telegram or viber account even if i message 100 clients daily, there is no risk in this? On instagram i used to message lots of clients daily and sometimes instagram gave me warning that im doing something bad, so thats why i think instagram is not a safe place to provide a support…

You need to understand no matter what app or platform you are using, nobody allows you to spam. But you can use Email, WhatsApp, Telegram to provide support and communicate with your clients 1 on 1 even if you have hundreds of them and send many messages to everyone. I use it for my clients too and never had any problems.

But if you are looking to spam random people’s numbers daily with messages on telegram, whatsapp I don’t know how that would go. You could probably do it just don’t tie your clients with that numbers or accounts you use to send messages in case you get blocked or something.

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For support, you should really use a ticket system. We use Jira for all of our products and services. This way every employee can access the tickets and solve problems fast. I am always reachable via Telegram for our customers tho. Some people might not want that, but if customers have problems achieving what they want to achieve, I want to make sure they can always directly connect with me and solve a problem within minutes.

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If you’re plannin to hire someone to help you out with the support you can use Freshdesk as well but if you’re providing support on your own then Email is the best and the most proffessional way to go.

Have been using Avochato for texting support/sales for years and it is one of the best investments I’ve made! Texting is the best way to stay in contact with clients in my opinion! I know there are other texting platforms, but Avochato can also serve as a CRM in some aspects. Hope this helps.