Any incentive for longer TikTok videos?

Hi guys,

I just recently found & joined mpsocial & have really enjoyed reading a lot of the informative posts & comments on here. Especially the information on TikTok & the algorithm it uses as I feel not many sites have an extensive amount of understanding of all of its operations yet, but the community on here has really zero’d in on a lot of it

That aside, I have been watching a lot of videos of TikTok for the past few months but haven’t created any content for it until now. I wanted to get a better understanding of it before I dipped my toes in it. I have a pretty sizable following on my Twitter/IG & hoped I could expand that to TikTok so I worked on putting a quality video out on there.

My question is whether any of you all know if TikTok rewards longer videos (45 secs+) in anyway in regards to the completion rate or does it weigh it the same as a 15 second video? I know that it is much easier to hold the attention span in a shorter video or have multiple watches on it but I wasn’t sure if there was any sort of extra measure given to a longer video that has been watched all the way vs a shorter video other than total watch time?


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I would guess that the avg watch time would still factor in a lot and help

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Keep your videos between 9-15 seconds. Especially if you’re just starting your profile and creating content for the first time. Worse case scenario people dip after watching only 10secs of it. Good, you’d have a 90% completion rate, so your stats would still be DECENT.

Keep it as short as possible(at least 8seconds) and put out good content.


Absolutely no reason to go over 15 seconds unless you already have a decent sized following. And even then… the average attention span on TT is lower than on IG. Better to focus on short videos, like what @customlogovideos said.

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@customlogovideos it’s interesting you mentioned at least 8 seconds. I’ve come to the same conclusion that shorter is better, but videos under 8 seconds really underperform videos over 8 seconds.

Thanks for all this information! I’ll be sure to keep this in mind moving forward when creating more content.

There’s a minimum amount of watch time required to register in the system it seems.

I’d you download MEMU and run the emulator and peep at the backend, you’ll notice videos under 8 secs don’t get counted unless they loop twice.

Weird but ever since then, I tested it and it seems every video under 8 (unless high loop time) usually tanks after about 100k