Any insight on scrapers getting API blocked?

It’s now been 6 days since the API blocks on scrapers started happening. I do realize they recover after some time but quite frequently it is necessary to manually set them aside and the apiblocks come in swiftly and fiercely allowing limited effectiveness.

I’m curious if anyone has had any luck in combating this and if they’ve seen a pattern as to what may cause it.

Basically I’m looking more for prevention than resolution after it occurs.

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No luck so far. Seems to be totally unrelated to proxy as well.

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Do you mean when scraping followers? If so, when does it happen for you? Seems to happen for me around 50-65k followers…
not sure if there’s any scrapers out there which can switch accounts for api calls after a certain amount? or similar.

I reduced scraping speed and use 1 scraper for 1-3 main accounts. That works for me at the moment

1:1 here, no issues whatsoever

just reduce amount of scraping (api calls)

more work Yes, is it annoying YES, block-free Trivago

which scraper do you use? thanks!

Got a scraper reccomendation? What sort of speed do you manage?
Hitting API limit with Jarvee around 65k followers.

Is this for actions or for stories? I’m trying to scrape for stories w/ polls since the view immediately setup doesn’t seem to work effectively for doing that.

No for storys I don’t scrape at the moment. Only for f/uf and likes. For storys you mush scrape much faster that’s true. Not sure what the best settings would be

Bumping this because I’m running into the same problem.

I have 150 accounts for scraping purposes and have been using them a LOT over the last 48 hours. I then noticed that one account got an email confirmation status, which hasn’t happened in over a year, so that was a first red flag. To be clear, I split my scraping across 100 accounts, so it’s leveled. When I tried to log back into the account, I got an error message saying that the account cannot be email verified through the API, so I should try the browser. I went into the browser, managed to get it back to valid and then managed to get it back to valid through the API as well.

After that I waited 2 hours before trying more scrapes. However, now, it just scrapes nothing. I get empty sheets, that’s it. Tried it a few times, so am guessing there must be some kind of block.

The odd thing is that all my scraping accounts also repost content continuously (besides the scraping of specific followers lists) and that is still working, so the API block must work on a local level only, specifically for scraping followers/followings lists. At this point, I will likely wait 24 hours before trying it again but am curious on whether anyone else had something similar. Thanks!