Any instagram marketer up to help me?

Hey there!

I have been trying for almost a month and every single time I get some kind of error, follow blcoks, bans, etc Nothing has worked for me

I am using quality private proxies, vps, and GMT2

Anybody up for a really quick skype call, I really need help

PM me

What accounts provider and proxy provider combinations did you try?

Squid Proxies
Valar-accounts Bulletproof no link

So you only tried 1 provider of accounts, 1 provider of proxies and 1 automation tool?

That is not testing :slight_smile: You need to start testing. Doing your own research, investing money into buying information. If you buy something and it does not work, you bought information like “X with Y does not work”.

Nope, nope. nope.

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I have worked with folloliker, followermonkey

Valar Accounts, 123accs, accsmarket, etc

Massproxy and Squid Proxies

Also tried mixing them all up, no combination seems to work fine

Why, arent they good?