Any Instagram mass scrapers in here?


How long does it take you to scrape let’s say, the 500k followers of an Instagram account with their usernames,bios,emails&phone numbers (if public),followings ,followers etc ??

Thanks in advance.


That would probably take about 4 days for me using a single account. Using ten accounts I could probably do that in half a day. That’s while scraping full business details, contacts etc.


I do scraping using web browser API without logging in, until a few weeks ago it would have taken one or two days. But now it’s getting harder if you do too many request they redirects you to the login screen.


I can scrape 500k in 1 hour :slight_smile:


Not just usernames, it’s 500k usernames + details i don’t thinnk that will take just 1 hour mate.


ok im telling lies…i will say it again i can scrape 500k including emails in 1 hour!


Impressive, out of this world :grin:


Its posted in level 2 how todo it but with a attitude like that you will never make it inside :slight_smile:


First don’t talk bullsh*t, second, technically that’s not possible to scrape 500k usernames(followers of someoneelse) plus their details: followings/followers/bios/public mails&phone numbers in just one hour , it’s none sense.


ok time to leave the stupid people in this thread. over and out


My man @BrotherJoseph dosen’t understand how multiple things can be done at the same time, there’s a reason they have seperate forums.


Yes!!! Got one for you


It is only a matter of resources and if we speak purely theoretically, technically it is possible. For example, if you have 100k scraping accounts, it will take even less :sunglasses:


That’s impressive, how many scrapers ?
Are you using app API or browser ?

If it doesn’t break down should scrape in few hours.


But sociascraper scrape only usernames, and scrapping usernames is fast and easy, i was talking about scraping 500k usernames+ details(followers/followings ,bios,emails&phone numbers).


what tools do you use for accomplishing that?


my scraper can scrape all of this at a rate of 100k accounts na hour. How many are you trying to scrape?


I’d like to scrape 3M followers information – how do I get access to your scraper?


Thanks for actually give some link! :slight_smile: