Any interest in a batch video creation service?

Hi all. Recently, a friend who does social media marketing ask if we could produce some short videos for one of their clients to help increase engagement. The initial proposal for customised videos was rejected due to cost/ROI which was understandable. We then proposed to take their static text, quotes/inspirational messages and added some others and bulk produce 365 very basic videos for them, which they accepted. These included animation with colour, picture and text variations, between 8-20 secs in length. When posted these same videos received 1.5/2 times the views the original static posts previously received and increased engagement.

Is this something anyone here would be interested in for thier clients?

Price would range from $0.5 - $3 a video depending on quantity and complexity (we can also do 3d animated ones)

Please let me know your thoughts, still in experimental stage.

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@Adnan :guardsman::guardsman::guardsman:


There is no soliciting without prior approval


Sorry, how do you get approval?

message @Adnan , and if he approves pay 50$ fee for the post then you are good to go :slight_smile:


If someones interested In this this service, that’s my everyday jod. Do not hesitate to contact me.

Hi everyone, thanks for your messages I’ll reply directly but for now this definitely shows there is an interest in this as a service. Many of you asked for specific examples which is understandable. What I’ll try and do is build some examples showing a range of possibilities (from basic to 3d animation) and post the link here and then we can take it from there. Feel free to list specific categories or show examples of what you are interested in. Thanks again.

What an expensive forum! :joy:

Having in mind that some forums have 200$+ entry/MONTH , this is just a little safety measure to make sure people are serious about their services and not scamming )


As I mention this isn’t an existing service this is something I’m enquiring about. Didn’t see anything about a fee on this site and at this state I wouldn’t be paying for advertising. Please point me to the doc were this is stated, it would be good to see.

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Seen it. Thanks for making me aware lol thought it was a scam :wink:.

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Dear all,
Due to the rules of this forum, which I unfortunately overlooked please disregard my initial post. I may come back in the future to repost after having paid the required fee. :wink:

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I’m very interested let me know at 7734740429