Any link to submit unban appeal?

Hey guys,
is there any working link to appeal for a personal account that got deactivated?

here you are bro

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thanks bro ­­­­­­

Links never worked. I have submitted 100+ times for several of my clients. At least had to pay and unban services. Instagram doesn’t even bother to check request submission

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Pretty much a waste of time. I’ve sent in numerous appeals on two accounts, sometimes I get an email from them asking to send in a code… other times I don’t. But even when sending in a code, it generates no response. Instagram support is a joke.

You can generate a response from a real human by using the data request form… but even there, they only helped restore a few peoples account before now saying they have no access to the appeal department. Same message that Facebook AD support says.

It’s a Gamble. I mean, 2-3 years ago you could just send in one appeal, and it took less than 12 hours to get your account back.
Last year there was a good time with Facebook Live Chat and I could unban pretty much any account with the help of these guys. But one of them told me that they also got a notice that since Jan. 27th they are not allowed to do anything about disabled Instagram Accounts and will now send you to the Forms.

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anyone else getting email responses like this Your account has been disabled for not following the Instagram Community Guidelines and we won’t be able to reactivate it. I keep getting these response back from IG

Probably you’ll have to forget about it, unfortunately… :frowning:

So it gone? wow

yeah alrdy did haha, life is life