Any niche ideas to promote on Instagram?

I recently started botting on instagram again and tried promoting adult cpa I got 200 followers, about 60 clicks but 0 conversions.

it seems like adult cpa is too saturated now on Instagram and doesn’t convert because there’s too much bots already, e.a I just followed a few celebrity on my own personal Instagram account and already got 10 fake girl bots in my dms.

Do you guys have any other product or niche ideas that can be promoted on Instagram?

Let me know, Thanks

Personal Development and Motivation : Share inspirational quotes, self-improvement tips, and life lessons. This niche can attract individuals seeking personal growth and positivity.

We have just developed an astrology product that I believe will be a monster for IG. It’s already working with cold fb ads so IG is next.

The front end offer is also really good, we offer people to talk to a premium psycich for free, and then convert them once we get them in the chat.