Any one else experiencing jarvee bug with unfollow?

does anyone experience jarvee unfollowing took showing its unfollowing people but it doesnt actually unfollowing, Happend to all my clients jarvee shows we unfollowed 300+ today to all my clients and it didnt unfollow even 1?

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Emm… Never heard about such bug…

What I know is that they fixed something regarding unfollow tool with the latest update.

  1. Do you use licence? I hope we are not talking about cracked version
  2. If yes , simply contact their support - they do have amazing support. Love them :slight_smile:
    If you are using cracked version - don’t want to talk to you anymore, sorry :slight_smile:

I dont have the cracked version, I subscribed. I contacted their support and they werent supportive at all… they told me to look at the results and it doesnt help me cause it didnt actually unfollowed!

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I can’t confirm having similar issues. Try sending your logs/screens to jarvee support.

I haven’t seen any similar problem it must be you.