Any one have Instagram Mastery 2.0 course?


Yeah, I do :slight_smile:


I’ll take a copy if it’s it possible :slight_smile:


Can someone share it? or send me a Pm? thanks


could i get one as well? cheers (:


Would love one too if anyone would like to share. Thanks!


even i would love it


I’d love it too :slight_smile:
I need to learn something more about IG because now it’s a grind for me :frowning:


Hey I want it too please send me link on
Thanks in advance


Hey please send me link of Instagram mastery 2.0
Thanks in advance


Hey, please send link of Instagram mastery 2.0
Thanks in advance


I agree with you. Many Instagram courses are designed to be complete beginners. Do you know good courses, which has a lot of value and goes into the depths of sales techniques?


Would be nice to have a course for advanced techniques like for people with over 100 accounts ect have never ran across one yet?


Hey, Roy.

I’ve recently found a very interesting guide from a famous guy (from another forum). It goes in a straight forward way to every basic to intermedium aspect of “Growth Hacking”

But courses, only a few. What I highly recommend you is to get into top tier selling courses and read A LOT of this and other Instagram related forums. It’s all there.


Can you upload the guide?


Thank you :slight_smile:
Yes, I already know that I’m surrounded with the best knowleadge you possible could find about Instagram Marketing with this forum. I just watch out everytime for something new to learn, and I mean if its really new. I skimmed few modules of some courses and 80-90% of the courses is very repetitive and basic knowledge. Thats okay and understandable because most of the buyers are new the topic.