Any one have Instagram Mastery 2.0 course?


any one have Instagram Mastery 2.0 course?
or Millionaire Mafia course

thanks in advance.


sent you a pm


Can i get it too?


sure, im uploading it now


PM sent. Enjoy it :slight_smile:


i was trying to upload it but you can watch via these webpages:

better than upload/ download 2gb of videos


@lacc thanks a lot :+1:


thanks for help ^^


Can someone send it to me too? :slight_smile:


send me one too if possible!


Downloading… thanks for the share!


Can I have it too?


I will say this only 1 time, my friends:

  • Search well for the courses you invest time into… Because only a fraction of these worth it.

I’m not saying they are all useless, but the majority will explain not too much.

Now, as my 2nd presentation to this forum (thanks to my 2 months delay), I’ll be offering a HUGE Collection of Marketing / Sales programs or how they are usually known: courses.

I’ll try to be as active as possible, my doods.

  • I’ll be waiting to help you all :bowing_man:


Could you kindly send me too?



thanks a lot @lacc


This is Version 1.0 :slight_smile:
Does anyone have Version 2.0?
Would be willing to pay.


Could you PM it me too?


Hi, could I please get a pm too?


This is funny.


Could get PM too?