Any one time payment bots for Twitter?

Are there any bots for Twitter that only require you to pay one time?

I doubt that kind of pricing model will work very well for the maintainer. Pushing constant updates for a one time XY$ seems unlikely. Either it’s gonna lack the needed updates or there will be another catch down the line.


Social media is constantly evolving so a one-time payment tool will actually call for trouble (the maintainer will either forget to update or will become sloppy).

You might think you’re saving money by getting a one-time tool, but in the long run, you will constant updates to avoid issues. That’s why, I think you’re best looking into a monthly-based payment tool.


I agree with you guys, it’s highly unlikely to find any software which requires constant updates to have one-time fee. At least any good one, on which you can rely. :slight_smile:

you can find a monthly payed software and pay them by year and you can ask for a discount.

Twitterdub! 100$ one-time fee and one license can be used 3 times.

Worked wonders for me for months now with continious updates and great support team.

Only bad thing is the UI which is ugly and hard to understand.

Wondered how long it would take for this one to get mentioned. Seems its not as popular of an option for most. Good to know