Any platforms to sell stuff being 17 yo?

Hello, so ive been growing acconts such as insta ,facebook but i havent been using them , so i have some sort of idea to sell products which would be shipped from china but i would add few pounds profit , i tried shopify , apparently to withdraw i need to be 18, ( i think i coudve faken the D.O.B butt havent tried that :smiley: ) , has anyone got any ideas where i could do that ? i tried ebay like 1 year ago or so and they locked my profile cuz i physically didint owned those items. Thank you.

So are tou trying to start a dropshipping business?

ya lets say so, i saw on facebook many people does that , and etc, and ya i know you’re probably be like need to be creative etc , i spent nearly a whole day today on researching different stuff whats good to sell and etc, good prices to get it and all of that stuff, but im not sure about what to use to get the money and sell it like shopify or so… as i need to be 18yo apparently. im not sure what would be if id fake it if they would ever ask for any proff or so.

if you’re going with paid fb ads be ready to loose a lot of money. Just my opinion.

ya its fine , but as i said the only one thing im wondering what system /website use to sell/withdraw money? as im not 18. Do i add that 1 cheeky year when im filling up my birth date or its best to avoid faking D.O.B in that kind of stuff?

i dunno about that. They’ve never asked me for id so i guess you can just fake it. But it was a free 45$ you can spend on facebook ads since i never had 5k $ laying arround to do that

Spend the next year learning everything you can about selling stuff, and during this time build up a huge social media following with accounts in the niche you are interested in. By the time you hit 18 you’ll have a nice amount of followers and the knowledge to do something with them.

I don’t think using FB ads is a good thing. You are basically fighting against other well-funded advertiser that get money by selling share to investor. 99% people lose a lot of money doing ads for sale.

As for how to withdraw money, you can always ask for your parents’s help

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Exactly, ask for your parents help and use their names to make sure you won’t get into any issues later.