Any possible Courses

I know this is a huge forum. But I wanted to ask u guys, if any of u got any course about Smma, dropshippig, real estate, affiliate or trade ?
I wish to learn a lit bit more in all possible area.

Start out with youtube as it’s a decent source. Just dont believe the numbers and the ease.

Find your twist and learn from your own experiences. That’s the best way in my opinion. Thats how i did it

Looks a big broad, but as @oneoneseven suggested try typing that on YouTube or Google, maybe?

Yeah i got some

Youtube is the biggest collection of trash ever

@Jay_Grylls Not if you use it as a start. It’s only trash if you believe the fake things. But it helps you start if you have no idea what to do. Good for inspiration. So please use some nuance

Gabriel, my advice would be - don’t spend money on courses - spend them on your own tests.
Nobody will provide you with a magic pill and nobody will teach you how to get the money. They will provide you with the very basics, teach some tricks and that’s it (in the best scenario).

You’d better run your own tests, make your own mistakes and you will get much more experience for the same money. IMHO