Any quick captions method?

What tricks do you guys have up your sleeves to automate captions when bulk preparing images?

I know I can bulk edit it but I think it’s won’t be funny when doing 1000 images.

Thanks in advance.

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You mean spintax?

Currently using only dynamic hashtags with my postings as I can’t see myself doing them one by one.

Do you use only generic spintax captions? like follow me, tag a friend, double tap likeetc ?

I was refering to real captions that capture attention and related to the photo. anyone doing that?

You can use the repost tool to get the original caption with no hashtags and send those images to a campaign and then bulk edit those posts to edit the captions when something isn’t right and use the dynamic hashtags as well, or you can use spintext with your posts as @wortime said.


Thanks Said … that would cut down the work. Anyone else with better tricks appreciated. Thank you

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Thanks Said …

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@g8f7e9x0w @The.IG.Guy You are welcome guys :slight_smile: