Any reason why my instagram account just got disabled?

any reason why my Instagram account just got disabled?

for no reason at all. my IG account just got disabled?

please any help would be great.

Probably and endless amount of reasons.

Did you use automation or posted content that you do not own?

all i could think of was i Cold dm’ed 25 people the other day for the first time ever in my life.

So do you think maybe one of them reported me or something?

do you know how long accounts get taken down for?

1 day, 1 year or longer :slight_smile: Just keep appealing.

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wow are you serious? even for something as small as messaging 45 ppl?

how do you appeal?

Really appreciate you helping me out by the way.

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Unlikely that this was the reason, assuming you did not do it in a bad bad way.

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You can file the appeal here:

Hmm i dont see where to appeal on that link?

You will probably get your account back never or not even then lol, I lost more then 15 accounts like this and didn’t get single one back after months

interesting and all you did was message people?

Does the facebook ad trick work still?

Yea sending messages to non followers

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Big Tech baby. U are not allowed to grow your business unless u pay them big $ . Be glad your not behind bars right now because that’s what big tech will end up doing once they gain enough power. So far they are well on their way.

Me personally on my main account i started back in 2010 (when ig started i believe) I got a 1 week block recently. And they accused me of automation even tho i did everything manually & was not linked to anything running automation.

IG gets mad once they see a young startup growing rapidly. Right now im sticking to liking + commenting.

never heard of it can u elaborate?

This, 300%.

They’re so mad when small guys like us find their way to grow hundreds / thousands of followers per day. Because it’s thousans of dollars less in their pockets.

Let’s call it Revolution

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Instagram won’t just disable your account for 25 users DM’s it must be other stuff like the IP/proxy, is that your main account or the slave one? also, what did you have on those DM’s that you sent?

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Man I can’t think of anything else to be honest. I didn’t do anything besides the DM thing.