Any rich guys / money / make money / wealth pages to learn from?

I am looking for pages on these niches: rich guys / money / make money / wealth to get ideas and to learn from.
Can anyone share some interesting / good ones?

I want to grow my own pages and get ideas, content , examples - not looking to get rich myself or anything like that.


Hey @Mr.BTC :slight_smile: Are you looking for IG accounts that are doing this type of niche so that you can build and grow this kind of accounts on your own?

Do you want to draw attention from “suckers” to sell to, or do you actually want to learn things to get “rich” yourself? Because those are fundamentally different approaches.


Nailed it!!! :slight_smile:

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Given that in any field there are both successful and unsuccessful people, how would you like to replicate one’s story?

Most people are not fully aware what really made them stand out.

Don’t listen to gurus, listen to CEO’s of companies that made it. Hardly anyone listens to their interviews because they are boring, but they are goldmines.


I would like to grow my own page, not really learn from them how to make money :rofl:

I am curious how some people can spam those get rich from trading with XYZ comments so much and not get blocked. I get so many of those on my posts nowadays.

You can check out Eric Ries, I’ve read one of his books and it helped. He does not focus much on social media but more on starting a business.