Any SEO recommendations?

I know this is unrelated to SMM but I was just wondering if anyone here was an expert on SEO or could provide me any recommendations on an expert.



I follow the recommendations of
1/they send out a newsletter every 4 days and I implement it.
2/I have the yoast advanced module installed and pimp it
3/query yoastcon on youtube to see SEO news of their conference.

With good results.
I check the results on my and google-analytics.

These days they talk alot about speed as an important factor to SEO.
For that I use a CDN
Here you can test

EDIT: I also have the MozBar in Chrome which gives a ton of info to get you to view your competitors info.


My dad trained their old ceo and she trained her son who’s the current genius of their company :smiley: They have SUPER solid free tips and courses you can follow although I dont and have too much shit on my plate. Yoast is always great too as @maxibaut said.
Guess its not a recommendation, but they are all experts at that company. Hell, or my pops depending on the size of the job, its not his main focus anymore but he still knows all the methods :wink:


I read a lot of topics about SEO on the internet, two of my favorite:

Another advice, you should view your competitor’s sites more often, especially who already on top.


Thanks guys, I do have some understanding of SEO - I have been using the Yoast plugin for onsite SEO and ensure my website runs fast. It’s really the offsite SEO that I need help with - I am looking at potentially using PBN’s…

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I would be happy to hear about that also.

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A PBN is like a knife. There are sharp ones, There are dull ones, There are steel and ceramic. Large and small. There are expensive, cheap and everything in between.

Then comes how you use it. You can end up cutting yourself, your competitor or using it to defend an oncoming attack.
What you use it on is another matter. You might only need a pair of scissors to cut a piece of paper or a chain saw to cut a tree.

PBNs do work in SEO but based on the data I have, Google is starting to discount more links from lower quality PBNs and a lot are getting hit. Even the ones which are seemingly unhit are slowly degrading due to the fact that their own backlinks (probably from other PBNs) are being devalued.

To put things in perspective, a PBN is still a website, it’s just the intent and goal that differs. As the system gets smarter at detecting intent and goals, they no longer rely on so called footprints to be detected so thread the waters with caution.

A solid SEO initiative should be well balanced and not only rely on a magic bullet :slight_smile:


DM me any questions. Author or 4 best selling marketing books, one on seo :grinning:

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You can’t go wrong with using youtube videos to rank on the first page of Google. Upload a vidoe on youtube. Put your keywords in the video file name, title and description. Most youtube videos will rank on google in about 15 minutes. There is a lot more to this method, however this will get you started. Want more information? Do a search on youtube or google for how to rank on google with youtube videos. Don’t waste to much time thinking about all the different methods that are available. Just start uploading videos.



See their videos on YouTube, and also watch others like Neil Patel. And after that, start learning about black hat, not only to implement, but to have an idea of what u can do, and what u cannot.


PBNs or rather expired domains are so expensive now-a-days that is hardly worth it. Also, blog networks have to be updated with new content regularly. And there is a long list of things you have to do so google does not discover a footprint of PBN. Renting PBNs is a definite crap shoot. I’ve had better luck buying text links on high traffic related sites. I don’t point the text link to the homepage, but rather a blog post I want to rank for.

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PBN are hard, specially if you only buy expired domains and don’t work the website as if it was a new one. My recommendation is to build your own private network of websites that’s you actually care and only link if the content really matter. This way it will not be any problem.
Beside this, what I can tell you is to try to create relations with other bloggers from your niche. Talk to them, ask them for a guest post, show them your website, etc… this is also a good way of getting links and making yourself known in the industry :wink:


Posirank and “Fat Joe” - good stuff, especially for link building.


On-page SEO, speed and great backlinks.


Since this was rebumped by a like for me, Im pretty sure Neil Patel is on my dads old radio network lol.


To understand the basics is more than enough.


I am using the All in One SEO plugin for Wordpress. Is the Yoast better?

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I know this is a really old thread but I thought best to ask here than to start a whole new thread.
Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place.

I have a pretty good understand of SEO but what I’m stuck on is back links.
I’ve been embedding my videos on a few sites to create back links, but I guess that’s not enough?..
I’ve read so much online and I’m nothing but confused.

How do I create quality back links?

Any help much appreciated :slight_smile:

moz guide has best topis and tricks in seo

Depends on how you’re doing it - White hat or Black hat

White hat - These are safe methods that will ensure your ranking and site authority is not compromised no matter what happens. Examples are:

  1. Reaching out manually to website / blog / magazine admins and asking them whether you can write guest articles on their site.
  2. Writing a boat load of really really high quality, well researched articles on your site. Then finding out similar articles on the web, then finding out where THOSE pages have backlinks from, then contact THOSE websites and say “Hey you’ve mentioned [competitor site name] in your article, but check [my article] out - it’s better, and more researched, your readers might want to know about it!”
  3. Writing really high quality articles should by itself serve the purpose of getting people to read it and link it and share it.
  4. Manual submission on listing sites, directories, etc.
  5. Pay website owners / reporters / bloggers / journalists to link back to you.
    These are just a few steps… but as you can see it’s gonna be costly, time consuming, tiring, etc. But even if you stop investing into this, you will still have a healthy website, a healthy authority and your rank will probably not be affected much.

Black hat - These are get rich quick or die trying kind of methods. These usually are the kind of things that Google hates and actively try to filter out. As and when their algo becomes smarter, these methods keep dying out and get replaced with new methods, which are again caught by the algo and so on… It’s a vicious cycle. Example:

  1. Softwares that automatically submit your website link to thousands and thousands of websites, directories, blog comments, etc. Essentially spam.
  2. Creating a “PBN” - Private Blog Network and linking back to your website through those.
  3. Web 2.0 - Creating a whole load of websites to link back to yours. Generally considered “unsafe” compared to PBNs.
  4. Automated social posting from fake accounts on social media, etc.
    These are usually “easier” to do. You will find a LOT of websites offering “SEO Services” which are basically a bunch of methods above and these are relatively cheap. But obviously the cons are that you need to keep on investing in these - any time you stop, your rank WILL drop.