Any solution for Instagram accounts getting banned?

Hello guys! I have a problem. I use chrome portable+proxy to manage multiple instagram accounts. However, some of the accounts get banned even before i start using them. I generate +15’000 bought followers for them, purchase some likes for the pictures and accounts get disabled even before i use them. I’m using aged instagram accounts of 2013, so it’s not freshly created instagram accounts.

I use accounts to “Follow-back” and send DM to new followers, that’s all. But some accounts get disabled even before i use them. Any idea why this happens? Maybe the proxies are low quality? I’m using instantproxies - private proxies.

Maybe there is a service somewhere where i can purchase instagram accounts that have a good trust score and were warmed up? So they don’t get disabled.

Let me know, thanks!

I would say two: you chrome leaving traces and bad proxies, try use multilogin(or maybe Jarve, haven’t use them for 2 years) and 4g proxy

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I 'm interested also in this issue. Seem like instagram is the hardest to bot . I have no idea why even old accounts get banned. Is seem like is some footprint because even with jarvee I get a lot of bans

Maybe its because you buy followers and likes from bad sources? If you want quality followers I’d recommend @Parliament services.
Also proxies could be a problem too since you never know what has be done with these IPs before, expecially with datacenter proxies. I’d recommend 4G proxies.
Also you should add random actions so there are no patterns in your actions.

Hi may i ask what bot are you using for IG? It may be from bot to I think but I’m not sure. I use 4g proxy and only using F/UF method so far…

Going with Jarvee but I am currently on standby because I want to start with M/S and experimenting with my own 4G proxy which is very hard.

Thank you for sharing these informations.


Something you are doing is triggering IG’s fake filters. The more aggressive you are, the more risky it gets. It’s doubtful that anyone can tell you specifically what your solution will be.

Take a look at everything you are doing, test that aspect until you find what works and what doesn’t work.

It could be that you are sending the same exact DM to everyone, and if you include a link on your DM, that’s a red flag for IG too

Nothing to do with sources. Also mass dms are not good anymore. Big drop in followers the last few months.

I think the thing people are missing here is where did @Ins get his accounts from?
if these are bruted (aka hacked) they will be very easy to get disabled, especially if the user is active on it still.

The next thing is what extensions are you using on chrome? You need fingerprint and identity extensions to make the accounts separate from each other.

Lastly as someone has said, proxies. Are you sharing proxies? What kind are they?

Too sum up: Give us details on:

  1. Accounts
  2. Extensions
  3. Proxies

I just got banned for only using Repost btw, about to cancel my subscription and go to manual.

No links and also im using spyntax

  1. I’m using accounts from which are 2013 years old, im paying 5$ per 1 account.
  2. I’m not using any extensions, just chrome portable for each account
  3. I’m using storm proxies (instagram proxies) and instantproxies(private proxies)
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Yeah. The issue with very aged accounts is they can be temperamental if they havn’t been used in a long time. Are you warming the accounts up with stories? Etc

Next you need to use extensions to hide fingerprints. Ig can tell what gpu, screen size etc you are using and will link all the accounts together.

You can try using gologin if this seems too much effort.

Ive never used those proxies so can’t tell you for sure whats happening. But it could be a combination of all three things.

I would say test a 4g proxy on the aged accounts with fingerprint extensions and privacy ones or use gologin.
If it still gets captcha or blocked its the accounts, if not then it was the proxy or accounts linked via browser.

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Thanks a lot!

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