Any suggestions for a content provider?


Just wondering if anybody can recommend some service providers for quality social media content automation?

I tested but their content quality was not as good as I’d have liked them to be…

I saw a few social media agencies offering services - posting fresh content for many of their clients daily + growth.

I thought there should be more websites similar to what does but provide content in better quality…

Any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance

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Maybe you can get a writer for that, or just use sites like iwriter and get custom content created. What kind of content are you looking for, only text or also images and videos?

I would suggest, if you have time just saving some cash and putting together a content plan for yourself.

It’ll be completely bespoke to you then.

I assume these agencies have templates, and send out generic content that’s probably been used so many times.

That’s my two cents anyway!

Thanks for the tips.

I’m trying to see how I can offer a one-stop solution for social media management and marketing services efficiently without having to spending so much of my time. because some companies seem to expect one-stop solution…

I saw a few websites like this:

it’s probably not possible to hire a quality writer and a designer to create one month worth content exclusively for each client daily for only $99/mo… plus finding, managing quality social media writers, designers is not easy…

Just wondering how they do it and still make profit…

I like the concept of what capzool provides… I’m hoping to find a better alternative…

Please let me know if you have any info…


I like to mess around with different things and this popped up in an email from Appsumo for BF.

Not saying it’s going to be anything FANTASTIC and it only works with Buffer (which I’m going to mess around with and see if…y’know…I can mess with it a bit ;).

For $25.00 it’s worth a look-see.

Here’s a doc of their verticals they cull content from. Interesting list nonetheless.

Let us know how it is, I’m interested in giving this a try :mask:

Well minus it’s usually 10 bucks a month but for today (BF) in that link I posted that I got from my email, they have a special for $25 for lifetime. I’m not going to have time to really mess with it over the weekend but I will let ya know how it goes. It seems like a decent deal for the $$ with the special.

Yeh seems ace, I’ve signed up for free and you get two free suggestions. I’m just trying to find out now what they look like live on a Social Media profile.

I’ll let ya know. I got ya. :wink:

I’d recommend checking out capzool…I’m not sure when exactly you looked into it but I’ve been using it almost 5 months and the quality is amazing. They’re still fairly new on the scene so I can imagine it wasn’t the best at first…but seems like they really got it together. I run all my social media through capzool, content + scheduling. 9.5/10

i write a program to find my content